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Pretty flowers

The boarding area for the truck is across the bridge

 A view of the scene from the front of the truck

A view of the scene from the front of the truck, with the drive at the helm

Showcase of Citrus

We visited an organic citrus farm, Showcase of Citrus, just 30 miles southwest Orlando. It is an orange grove where visitors can pluck their own fruit, right of the trees. For more information, on this farm, please check, Showcase of Citrus

The farm is opened year round. Depending on the season, you can get Valencia oranges, grapefruit and sweet honey tangerines. There is also a store that sells fruit and vegetables as well as freshly squeezed orange juice, honey and other delights.

We did not visit the orange groves, but went instead on the on the farms, zebra-striped truck for an off-road tour, past cow pastures and forested wetlands to the headwaters of the Everglades. We trundled through beautiful countryside, fed the cows oranges and saw a baby alligator. Our driver pointed out the landmarks along the route. Here are pictures of our interesting drive.

a turtle on the road, right alongside this monster truck

I was fascinated to see this small turtle on the roadway, alongside this monster truck. The driver manipulated the truck very well to avoid the brave turtle

Baby alligator on right of photo

A baby alligator on right of photo


A variety of Palms. The dry fronds are used like thatch, to provide shade

Scenic Swamps

Scenic Swamps, that are home to alligators

More swamps

More swamps

Saw palmettos is a part of the vegetation found in the Florida Everglades. It is said to have many medicinal benefits.

Saw palmettos are a part of the vegetation found in the Florida Everglades. It is said to have many medicinal benefits. The Citrus Showcase store, sells honey made from Saw Palmetto

 More cows enjoying the oranges

More cows enjoying the oranges. The animals are bred for their meat

Cow pasture

Cow pasture. There were boxes of oranges for us to distribute to the cows. They seemed to enjoy the snacks which we threw to them from the bus

Getting off the truck

Disembarking the truck

Exiting the truck

The driver watching to ensure I exit safely

Boiled nuts for sale

One of my favorite snacks. Boiled Nuts available at the store

The Farm

We did not pick fruits from the farm as we were traveling the next day and did not want to carry that on the plane. The shop offers a variety of fruit, vegetables, snacks, freshly squeezed juices, candles, honey and interesting artifacts.

I was a little disappointed with my snack of peanuts as they were very salty. The juices were refreshing. I loved the huge truck, an enjoyable experience.

The staff at the Citrus Showcase were very friendly, patient and very welcoming. I highly recommend this venue. I think children will really enjoy the experience of the truck as well as being able to pick fruit from the trees. There is also a play area for little children.

The Showcase of Citrus is situated at, 5010 US Highway 27 Clermont, FL 34714. For more information about the farm and directions please do check, Showcase of Citrus

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