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General Topics Related to Travel

There are so many aspects to, travel. It is not just site-seeing, but the planning and financing of trips, weather, location, safety, vacation time health, insurance, amongst other considerations. Then there are different modes of traveling, buses, cars, boats, cruises, planes, trains, cycling and so forth.

It was proving to be too cumbersome to designate a link for such subjects individually. It seemed convenient to list them under the broad heading of General, and then have links to the various useful travel information from this page.

Included in this segment are links to travel tips, packing, cultural aspects to travel, and traveling by train. Nazeem Kariem provides some interesting cultural insights when traveling on pilgrimage, food restrictions and other informative insights on customs and traditions. I do hope to add articles on waterfalls, best shopping districts and similar themes.

A map of the Continents is included in this segment so one easily identifies a travel tale with that location on the continent. Descriptions of visits to new locations will be added on an ongoing basis. Here are links to travel related information:


Share your travel stories, including shopping bargains, places that you consider a hidden gem, places to eat, and your thoughts on what makes a trip worthwhile. Do you have tips for traveling with children? Do you have tips on packing, cutting expenses, coping with jet lag, rental cars and other useful information for travelers?

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