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Celebrating Eid by Nazeem Kariem

Nazeem has written an interesting, respectful, & informative account of Celebrating Eid. As usual, he spikes it with humor.

No matter what the celebration, be it Eid, Diwali, Christmas, or any other joyous event, I think all of us, ladies & men, can relate to Nazeem's, “policeman at the door”

I agree with Nazeem, that tasting the cuisines of other cultures is a part of travel and experiencing a sample of life elsewhere. He shares interesting images of delicious food that is enjoyed in different parts of the world, including Sernik, from Poland and Taiyaki, from Japan. Images of the celebration of Eid, in other countries is also included. Use this link to participate in, A Glimpse of Celebrating Eid

Here is an extract from Nazeems, Friday Wrap, on the subject of Eid


“ In prayer, in Mosque, there can be lot of bumping. Either you bump the guy ahead of you against his bum or heels or the guy behind you bump you in the same way.

Sometimes your koefiyah gets bumped off. The good guys avoid standing on it but the bad guys just stand on it and your koefiyah smells like old socks for the rest of the night.

So if you stand behind one of them you must most definitely, positively not bump your head against their heels. You will most definitely, positively do yourself some major injury.

Policemen at your door

This is for all the menfolk. A warning. This time of Ramadaan, wives get a disease called ‘Labarang Fever’

There is so many things they want done before Labarang it drives them crazy. They want to wash all the windows, all the curtains, the passage needs painting, all the cupboards in the kitchen needs rearranging, all the lampshades needs to be taken off and washed.

It is as if ‘Labarang Diener’ will be coming to inspect the picture rails for dust. (Do houses still have picture rails?)

It’s madness. And if you sit still they will create something for you to do. ‘Clean the yard’, ‘Scrub the roof’ etc. Or better still tell her you have to go to the hardware store. Tell her you have to go and buy some 2X4 galvanized periwinkles or 6 inch PVA; anything.

So if you are clever you get busy before they catch you doing nothing. Wash the car, pack your tools right in your toolbox, re-arrange your book/CD/DVD/toothbrush collection.

She stopped listening when she heard ‘hardware store’. In that way you can go off for a couple of hours without much trouble.

What I normally do is clean out my corner by the bed and my bedside table. It takes about a day. Clever me, né.

Don’t sit by the computer ‘I’m Archiving my photos, lovey’ or TV ‘I’m cleaning out the PVR, my angel’. It does not work.

You qualify as someone who is not doing anything.

And sitting on the roof with a scrubbing brush in Ramadaan is not a pleasant thing. Though scrubbing the roof is more pleasant than to bear the wrath of a wife frothing at the mouth with ‘Labarang Fever’

At least you get to wave to all the other husbands in the neighbourhood sitting on their roofs with a scrubbing brush.

I hope you have a blessed Eid and the day is good and you were blessed with good food and with all your family. Don’t forget to go and say Slamat to all your brothers and sisters. Remember to visit all your aunties and uncles too.

Anyway. Nuff said.
Eid Mubarak!
Have a lekker Lebaran.
(It’s the Malaysian spelling, ...) ”

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view, Celebrating Eid. It is in PDF format. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, here.

A brief Glossary

Labarang A reference to Eid

on the left side of the journal, is a short text box in Afrikaans This is just playful banter about the food being ready, personal hygiene, all complete and ready for celebrating Eid

Lekker in this context, great, how nice

Koefiyah the cap worn during prayer

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