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A Dad's Journal on his Children's Travels

This segment was shared by Nazeem Kariem, of Cape Town, South Africa. It is a part of a journal he kept when his 2 adult children went abroad in June 2011. Their plans to travel to Japan, changed after the Tsunami hit. Hastily they had to make other arrangements.

Accompanied by their aunt, they traveled to cities in Morocco, Portugal & Spain. The siblings then went their separate ways, to different destinations to Europe, while their aunt returned home.

What I love about this piece, is the humor that comes forth, as well as, a deep concern and love for his children. This family is totally involved in the welfare of each other. The warmth, love and respect of the family, come through this journal, that Nazeem kindly allowed me to publish.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view this journal, as it is in PDF format. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, here.

I have included an extract of Nazeem's entry from his journal. To view the full journal, simply click on the link, Spreading Their Wings

“All parents know the feeling of helplessness when they are unable to safeguard nor assist their own children. It is painful and disturbing, you donít want your child to be in harmís way. He is so far away, hungry without a place to sleep but there is nothing we can do.

We can only assist him in so many ways. He must make up his mind and we can only support that decision. We tried and we couldnít assist him. He is old enough to look after himself, we told ourselves. But it is still disconcerting

He was far away. He was on his own. Then the question, ĎWere we being bad parents to allow this to happen?í To us, some parents allow their children to grow up and to go out into the world to experience it. We are not placing them in harms way but rather allowing them to grow up. Are we bad parents if for allowing that?

I help my children to a certain extent but I will encourage them to make up their own mind and their own decision and we will support that decision. Many parents choose not to let their children go out into the dark, dark world. There is nothing wrong in having your children close to you all the time.

But, I think, a child must get a chance to spread their wings, they canít grow up under your wing all their lives. They must start accounting for themselves and start making a mark on life, for themselves.“

To read the rest of the journal, simply click on this link. Spreading Their Wings

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