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On The Train

Here are extracts of Nazeem's blog on traveling, On The Train. It gives a good account of frustrations of commuters when the system does not operate efficiently, especially in regard to the Metrorail in Cape Town. We also get to learn about the efficient train systems in other parts of the world. Do enjoy, On The Train

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“ Metrorail has put new Digital Signboard up in the Cape Town Station and both are switched on. Which is moerse confusing as both have different times. According to the old board I am early and according to the new board I missed the train. Then you run (the only running I do) to the platform to find the clock on the platform has another time completely and your train is gone while the new Digital Signboard is saying the train is boarding.

“ ...someone comes and stand in the doorway next to you and raise their arm to hang onto the rail. And if there is a Merciful Lord the hangers-on use deodorant. Otherwise you have to breathe through your ears as your nose and olfactory senses just shut down. I avoid that seat like the plague now.”

“Sometimes Metrorail gets you exasperated and amused at the same time. The 1714 is running late and the 1726 arrives. It is almost 1726. There are no announcements. Which train will leave first? Passengers disperse almost equally between the two trains. Iím in the 1714 because that is supposed to leave first. Whistle. The doors close and 1726 starts leaving and at the same time there is an announcement that the 1714 has been cancelled. Aghhh!! But you do see the funny side afterwards.”

“ I think the Metrorail Staff has a moerse big laugh at our expense sometimes. Iím surprise that the Metrorail Staff does not get beaten up on a regularl basis. We can always blame it on the racists.”

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