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Road Trips Take Planning

Road Trip!!

Here are some sound suggestions on planning for trips, relevant for everyone, especially those with children. Read how Kelli and family plan their road trips.

Our family loves to travel. We especially enjoy road trips. For us, the journey is often just as, if not more fun, interesting and informative as the destination. As parents of 5 children we are often asked, “How do you travel with all those kids? ” Well, just like anything else we do with 5 kids, it involves planning, patience and a great sense of humor.

Plan for Safety

First, while we don’t plan every minute of every trip, we definitely plan for a variety of scenarios and always for safety. When traveling by car, in our case a full size van, it is so important to have both a literal and figurative “survival“ pack.

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The literal one includes emergency supplies, i.e. food, water, blankets, etc., jumper cables, flares, first aid kit… you get the idea. The figurative includes food and water, with the addition of travel games, music, books, and other activities for the kids.

Essential Ingredients-Food & Rest

Also, the best way to avoid “meltdowns,” is to make sure children get enough rest and have plenty to eat. Many of our vacations are just sightseeing, and if we do have to be somewhere by a certain day and time, we always allow extra time.

It is difficult to be patient when in a hurry and the trip is much more enjoyable when spontaneous stops can be made to explore along the way. We also look for local diners and small family restaurants as they not only seem to have the best food, but also have wonderful information about the town or area we are visiting.

We have learned over the years that laughter can help improve any situation. Instead of “oh you’ll laugh at this later,” we tend to laugh at it, when it happens.

Just as in daily life, when traveling,things can go wrong. Whether it is:

  • a flat tire
  • engine trouble
  • not being able to find a bathroom
  • losing a dolly on the freeway

We always try to not only make the best of the situation, but also find the humor in it. It is amazing how quickly the hours of driving pass when everyone is laughing and smiling.

Some of our favorite driving destinations have been Yellowstone National Park, the Trees of Mystery, Half Moon Bay, Victoria, Canada, and all the beautiful states and towns along the way.

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