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beautiful, large Oak tree

A beautiful oak tree

Bob playing his violin

Bob Wren playing the violin

Following the Musicians

Following the Musicians

UC Davis Arboretum

We enjoy our visits to the UC Davis Arboretum. There are acres of flowers, shrubs, herbs and trees. With so much to see and enjoy, it is a popular place for families. Little children can run about and enjoy watching the ducks in the stream. Tours of the gardens are also available.

We were delighted to learn about the summer concert, Around the World in 80 Oaks, which was held on June 12, 2011. My husband and I loved this concert. It was unlike any other, concert in the park, that we had attended. Under the direction of Bob Wren, the Sacramento City College World Music Ensemble, performed music from many of the countries that are home to oaks in the arboretum's collection. This included countries like, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Palestine, amongst several other countries.

The instruments included, violins, a guitar, a saxophone, mandolins, flute, and tambourines, which all blended together harmoniously to create wistful, gentle music that seemed to pay homage to the magnificent oak trees.

The free guided tour walked us through the grove, stopping to hear musical selections related to individual trees. We, the onlookers, walked, hopped or danced along to the next venue.

The weather was perfect, pleasant sunshine and shade under the huge oak trees. Allegra Silberstein, the resident Poet Laureate of the City of Davis, sometimes recited her poems, followed by Bob and the ensemble playing music. On several occasions, Allegra also danced gracefully to the exquisite music.

At times she was joined by another graceful, nimble dancer. At other times, docents or Bob would describe the oak trees, its origins and the nature of the tree.

I had no idea that oak leaves varied so much in appearance. This visit was certainly a learning experience and a renewed appreciation of the oak trees.

The pictures below were captured on an iPhone. I do hope you get a feel for this wonderful concert, via these images. Maybe your arboretum also offers interesting and informative resources. If you attended this concert and would like to share your pictures, please do contact me.

Allegra Silberstein

Allegra Silberstein reciting a poem

About the music that Follows

An Explanation of the Music that will Follow

Another Oak Tree

Another Oak Tree

appreciating the music

Appreciating the Music

More musicians

Bob and the Ensemble continue to play

Bob and musicians

Bob with the Ensemble

Dancing to the music

The dancers are nimble & sprightly

Dancing to the music

Dancing in unison to the gentle music

The Arboretum

The Arboretum has 100 acres along the banks of the Putah Creek, in California's Central Valley. The collections include, 22,000 trees and plants adapted to a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The plants are arranged in a series of gardens that represent different geographic areas, plant groups, or horticultural themes.

It was started in 1936 with the purpose of supporting teaching & research at the University of California.

Directions & Visiting Hours

Do use the links on the Arboretum website to learn about all resources that are available.

Directions and Parking

For details check:
About The Arboretum

There is no charge to visit the Arboretum. Check here on, How to Plan Your Visit

For more information on Allegra's poems do check,
Allegra Silberstein Poems

On the link below, you will find a calendar of events at the arboretum. If you are fortunate to live near the arboretum, maybe you can attend/participate in one of the lunch time concerts.
Calendar of Events at the Arboretum

If you would like to know more about the oak trees, go to UC Davis Plant Collections. Scroll down to Collections Maps. Scroll down further and on the left you will see (SHIEL), and alongside, is Shields Oak Grove. Click on SHIEL, for the names of all the oaks in the collection. You will get a PDF of the entire map of the grove.


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