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Cows wading in a stream

Cows wading through a stream on the reservation

A view of the swamps

A view of the Swamps

Billie Swamp Safari

On a recent visit to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we visited Billie Swamp Safari, on the recommendations of Spirit, the Southwest Airline magazine.

The park offers a package of shows including, a critter show, a tour on a swamp buggy, a motorized vehicle, specially designed to provide visitors with an elevated view, while comfortably riding through the wetlands and cypress heads.

Also included, is an exciting 20-minute Air-boat Tour and other shows. We did just the swamp buggy ride and the Airboat Tour, both, most interesting. The directions and details of activities are listed below.

Here are a few pictures of our trip.

A pig family

A pig family, grazing

a faint view of an alligator

An alligator in the water

 Driving through the stream

driving through the stream

An Eland

An Eland on the Reservation

Baby Buffalo

A baby Bison in the path of the truck

Mother and child buffalo

Mother and Child


Huts like these were used by the Seminole Indians. The roofs, with Palm leaves provide excellent shade

A Sample of a log that the Seminole Indians would carve to make canoes

A Sample of a log that the Seminole Indians would carve to make canoes

A buffalo walking

Walking Home

Florida Swamps

Florida Swamps

An Abundance of several varieties of Palms

An Abundance of several varieties of Palms

Manificent wide open countryside

Manificent wide open countryside

The author and her Husband at the Everglades

Nirmala and Indiran at the Florida Everglades

More foliage on the reservation

Parts of the reservation

Directions & Visiting Hours

For visiting hours, directions to the camp and details of activities, please check:
Billie Swamp Safari.

Here is a free book of fun activities for children. Please use this link to print the book, Swamp Fun Book.

If you plan to visit, print this, Discount Coupon.

Billie Swamp Safari is on, Facebook

Billie Swamp Safari is also on, Twitter.

The Reservation

The park is on over 2, 200 acres of Cypress reservation. The Seminole Indians opened Billie Swamp Safari so visitors could see the importance of land, its rich heritage and Indian Culture. They treated the land with reverence to preserve the natural Eco-balance that continues to flourish. The tour describes some of the Seminole folklore and legends.

The park also offers tours into the reservation wetlands, hardwood hammocks and sloughs where wildlife abounds. The information brochure describes sightings of deer, water buffalo, bison, wild hogs, hawks, eagles other rare birds and alligators are common; there are even Florida panthers in the area. We did spot some of the animals mentioned, including ostriches

There are also restrooms, a gift store, a camp store and well catered cafe.

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