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White Cottage

Here is a recommendation for a beautiful guest house if you are vacationing in Cape Town, South Africa. It is owned and managed by Jane Verster-Cohen of Cape Town, South Africa.

I first met Jane in the early 1980's when our little sons, now grown men, all attended the same school. Jane has always been a loving mother, a caring friend with sense of humor, charm, creativity and a flair for design. She runs a beautiful guest house,
White Cottage, located at 12 Upper Primrose Ave, Bishopscourt, 7708, Cape Town, South Africa.

Jane will be happy to accompany a group on a walk, tell you about interesting things to see and make you as comfortable as possible. For full descriptions please use the links to view the details and the amenities that are available at, White Cottage.

The final decision to make reservations is yours, based on viewing the information on the internet and other inquiries you may choose. Do let us know what your experiences have been, should you use the recommendations on this site. It will guide other viewers.

Please note: Quality Living Styles, does not take responsibility for any accommodation, or travel mishaps that does not live up to the consumers expectations. The descriptions of accommodations on this site are done in good faith, for the purpose of information, based on the material presented. It is expected that they also meet health and safety standards.

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