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Hanover Street in District Six, Cape Town

Hanover Street, in District Six

an old picture of a train station where Golden Acre now sits

The Cape Town Train Station in Adderly Street, before it became the site for Golden Acre, a large shopping complex

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Experience another kind of trip, one down memory lane, with Nazeem. It was interesting to reminisce about things the way they used to be.

Households had either 1 phone, in the home, and 1 car, or none. A different time indeed.

I clearly remember the napkins/diapers that we used for the kids. There were 2 kinds of fabric, the toweling and the soft flannel types. The toweling was good in absorbing wetness, but if "goo", got stuck in that fabric, it was time consuming to thoroughly wash them.

I remember all too well, the national anthem with flags flying at the end of the TV show of of the day. When my son was about a year old, (now 34 years), we would rush to let him watch that scene, and he would say, "flags, blowin' in de vind."

For those who remember the old days, reading A Trip Down Memory Lane, will bring back your own memories of that time. For those who do not know of that time, you will get a good sense of life without all the modern technology, a different time in history. Very enjoyable reading.

Here is the link to this Trip Down Memory Lane. Please let us know your memories of the time described by Nazeem.

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