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Nazeem's Weekend Away Club experience

An interesting account of friends having fun as supporters of the annual event, West Coast Marathon, at Langebaan, a beautiful location on the Cape West Coast. Nazeem's fellow travelers do not get the accomodation that they wanted, but go ahead with the trip even though they have trepidation about the condition of the only accomodation available to them.

Well it turns out that this group are so bent on making the best of being together that the quality of the accomodation is by the way. Read about this experience by clicking on the link, Nazeem's Weekend Away Club experience

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A brief Glossary

Halaal-refers to food that is prepared according to Islamic Guidelines

P.E. refers to the city, Port Elizabeth, situated, north east of Cape Town, South Africa.

Shoprite and Pick 'n Pay, are supermarket chains in South Africa

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