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Southeast Asia Tour

Read about Nazeem's trip to South East Asia, accompanied by his wife and sister-in-law, in April 2011. The travel tales are set out in separate blogs, so that each place visited, including the flight experiences, are well documented and described with a, “A Glimpse of Humor.” Travelers everywhere will identify with Nazeem's experiences. You will also find his information on accommodation, food, shopping and places to visit, useful, when planning your trip. Here are brief descriptions, as well as links to the travel blogs.

The Long Flight

“ Once the airplane doors closes you are at the mercy of the pilot and all those mechanics who demonstrated against low wages that worked on the plane and you are resigned to fate. That is the time you start praying loud and fast...

Disembarking at Doha International you get hit by a wall of dry heat. After being on an airplane for almost 12 hours a short walk with ‘fresh air’ was welcoming. But, damn, it was hot. Little did we know that we were never going to experience cold until our return trip home. We got off the plane and boarded a bus to the terminal...”

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“ Because of the heat Bangkok comes alive at night when it has cooled down some but it is actually a 24 hour city very much like any other large cosmopolitan cities.
This maybe South East Asia but Bangkok was voted the Best city in the world recently and can be rated against any western city in transport and facility and it has a thousand year history...”
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“The views while riding into Phang Nga Bay was fantastic. The tiny islands, the mangrove swamps, the distant mountains, the blue-green water, the late afternoon sun, not even a photo could capture all of this beauty....
The beauty and the incongruousness of the island just removes any doubt that there is a “Master Planner.” The view just took the wind out of my sails of all of us tourists...

Then in the late afternoon sun we approached the highlight of the tour and our trip - James Bond Island, Ko Tapu or Nail Island, which featured in the 1974 Bond film, "The Man with the Golden Gun...." For the rest of the story, here is the link, Phuket

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The Petronas Towers are the world’s tallest twin buildings and is very, very impressive. It was built from 1992-1998 at a cost of $1.6 billion dollars It has 88 floors and 78 lifts. Yes, 78 lifts, some of them double decker lifts. It is 375m high and 451.9m with the spire.... There is a Skybridge on the 41st floor a viewing deck on the 88th floor which you can visit....” You can read more about it, at, Malasia

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Return to Cape Town

“ Very soon we were descending down to Cape Town with the sun setting and giving Table Mountain a healthy red glow. Beautiful. Home is really where the heart is.”

As the family awaits transport to the airport Nazeem still makes interesting observations of the hustle and bustle of the street vendors around him. The flight back, which includes the airport experience, the attitude of airport personnel, passenger and airport facilities are again, informative with, ” A Glimpse of Humor

Please be aware that airports differ in the amount of luggage you are allowed. Usually the baggage allowance for International flights, are more than those allowed for internal flights. Please do make a note of this important information, otherwise you may end up paying heavily for your bags on the internal flights.

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