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A Visit To: Titanic The Experience

 A view of the classic Staircase on the Titanic

A view of the classic Staircase on the Titanic

This show was also mentioned in Spirit, April 2011, the Southwest Airline magazine. The location is: 7324 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819. For show times, (there are 2 types of shows), detailed descriptions and directions, check out, Titanic The Experience,

Titanic the Experience, is the true story of the excitement and glamor surrounding the building of the Titanic, the largest ship of that time and the unexpected disaster on it's maiden voyage, on April 14, 1912 when the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg.

An actor in period costume, welcomed and escorted our group through different rooms that are staged as various parts of the ship. This included replica's of the boiler room and the ship's grand staircase. We were informed of the history of the building of the ship, why the ship did not have with life-boats for all, and the stark class differences and attitude towards the 1st. class and 3rd. class passengers.

There are over 200 artifacts to view. Each person in the the group assumed the identity of a real passenger. The names of all the passengers are on record for viewing. A poignant part of this process, was checking the list to see if "we" had perished or survived. We were encouraged to research the the identity of the person whose names we used for the show.

The interactive presentation with the group, enabled a sense of the grandeur of the ship, and the pain and loss of the tragedy. We wandered around the displays which included newspaper headlines of the disaster in April, 1912.

Although the tragic story of the Titanic is well known, it was good to have been reminded of this sad time in history. This disaster may have had a better outcome should there have been enough lifeboats; had attention been paid to the iceberg warnings; and should the crew have had a drill on disaster preparedness. Arrogance that the ship was unsinkable, influenced these poor decisions.

The captain of the RMS Carpathia, , Arthur Rostrun who rescued many of the passengers from the lifeboats, steered his ship, in darkness, on a sea that was strewn with ice floes. Although the captain was acknowledged and celebrated for his rescue of 712 people, he believed that, there was another hand guiding the ship that night. It was my first viewing of these photographs of the sea that night. I could not help marveling at the wonder of his rescue.

Although several movies about the RMS Titanic have been made, I still found, Titanic The Experience, to be very informative. I highly recommend a visit to this show. Use this link to find our more about, The Carpathia Rescue

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