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Image of Ronnie's Sex shop, a world famous bar in the middle of nowhere

Ronnie's Sex shop, a world famous bar on Route 62, in South Africa, (in the middle of nowhere)

image of a mouse in the pool

A daring mouse takes a dip in the pool

Nazeem's Memorable Road Trip via the Back Roads

The interesting images on the right, are a sample of Nazeem's entertaining & informative description of his, Trip to the north east of Cape Town, to see the Drakensberg, Sani Pass, Eastern Cape and Port St Johns. The rule was to keep to the back roads and visit towns that were off the beaten track, & not to drive on the same road twice.

Read about Nazeem's, MacGyver like rescue of a mouse, that would most likely have drowned.

I have never traveled on Route 62 and had not heard of , Ronnies, Sex Shop. Thanks to Nazeem, I just learned, that this is a world famous bar. Nazeem's, Trip to the north east of Cape Town, describes this bar, in the middle of nowhere, that attracts people around the world.

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A brief Glossary

Halaal-refers to food that is prepared according to Islamic Guidelines

P.E. refers to the city, Port Elizabeth, situated, north east of Cape Town, South Africa.

Shoprite and Pick 'n Pay, are supermarket chains in South Africa

Nazeem's Memorable Road Trip via the Back Roads, also lists useful tips for those planning a road trip.
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